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Lucky Bone

What is a Lucky Bone? As per ancient beliefs there are many types of Lucky Bones ranging from Raccoon Penis Bone to simple Chicken Wishbone. Hunting Bone of Tiger/Lion and their Penis Bones(S shaped) have also been used for centuries as Lucky Charms or Curios. According to an old Southern custom, if a man wishes […]

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Revati at a Glance

                Range: 16′ 40′ – 30′ 00′ Pisces Symbol: A drum, a fish Ruling Planet: Mercury Nature: Deva (gold-like) Primary Motivation: Moksha (spiritual liberation) Animal Symbol: Female Elephant Direction: East Deity: Pushan, the nurturer Revati on the Ascendant: Valiant, rich, proud, leadership skills, responsible nature, attractive, strong and […]

Uttara Bhadrapada
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Uttara Bhadrapada at a Glance

          Range: 3′ 20′ – 16′ 40′ Pisces Symbols: Two legs of a bed, two-headed man, twines Ruling Planet: Saturn Nature: Manushya (human) Primary Motivation: Kama (desire) Animal Symbol: Female Cow Direction: North Deities: Ahirbudhnya, the serpent of the deep sea; Lakshmi Uttara Bhadrapada on the Ascendant: Eloquent in speech, benevolent, […]

Purva Bhadrapada
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Purva Bhadrapada at a Glance

Range: 20′ 00′ Aquarius – 3′ 20′ Pisces Symbols: A sword, two legs of a bed, two-faced man Ruling Planet: Jupiter Nature: Manushya human) Primary Motivation: Artha (material prosperity) Animal Symbol: Male Lion Direction: West Deity: Aja Ekapada, the one-footed goat Purva Bhadrapada on the Ascendant: Philosophical nature, good speaker, strong sexual attractions, high strung, […]

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Indrajaal is a form of Algae which grows at the bottom of the sea. In scientific language it is also known as Sea Fan. Original Indrajaala is very rare good luck charm and is of very high significance. We find the importance of Indrajaal mentioned in Hindu Mythological scriptures like Daawara tantra, Vishwasaara tantra, Raavana […]

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Siyar Singhi / Gidar Singhi / Jackal Horns

Jackal Horns / Siyar Singhi / Gidar Singhi have always been given great significance and importance by the tantriks and shamans. There are a lot of miraculous uses of Jackal Horns mentioned in many tantra books. Although it is a very rare and scarce item, its existence cannot be doubted. The Singhi or Horn only […]

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