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Dhiraj     -

Revati at a Glance

                Range: 16′ 40′ – 30′ 00′ Pisces Symbol: A drum, a fish Ruling Planet: Mercury Nature: Deva (gold-like) Primary Motivation: Moksha (spiritual liberation) Animal Symbol: Female Elephant Direction: East Deity: Pushan, the nurturer Revati on the Ascendant: Valiant, rich, proud, leadership skills, responsible nature, attractive, strong and […]

Uttara Bhadrapada
Dhiraj     -

Uttara Bhadrapada at a Glance

          Range: 3′ 20′ – 16′ 40′ Pisces Symbols: Two legs of a bed, two-headed man, twines Ruling Planet: Saturn Nature: Manushya (human) Primary Motivation: Kama (desire) Animal Symbol: Female Cow Direction: North Deities: Ahirbudhnya, the serpent of the deep sea; Lakshmi Uttara Bhadrapada on the Ascendant: Eloquent in speech, benevolent, […]

Purva Bhadrapada
Dhiraj     -

Purva Bhadrapada at a Glance

Range: 20′ 00′ Aquarius – 3′ 20′ Pisces Symbols: A sword, two legs of a bed, two-faced man Ruling Planet: Jupiter Nature: Manushya human) Primary Motivation: Artha (material prosperity) Animal Symbol: Male Lion Direction: West Deity: Aja Ekapada, the one-footed goat Purva Bhadrapada on the Ascendant: Philosophical nature, good speaker, strong sexual attractions, high strung, […]

Shatabhisha at a glance
Dhiraj     -

Shatabhisha at a Glance

Range: 6’40 – 20’00’ Aquarius Symbols: An empty circle, a hundred physians, stars, or flowers Ruling Planet: Rahu Nature: Rakshasa (demon) Primary Motivation: Dharma (right Activity) Animal Symbol: Female horse Direction: South Deity: Varuna, god of the waters Shatabhisha on the Ascendant: Interest in mysticism and astrology Service oriented, quiet, honest Philosophical nature, Political interests, Travel […]

Shravana at a Glance
Dhiraj     -

Shravana at a Glance

Range: 10’ 00’ – 23’ 20’Capricorn Symbols: An ear, three footprints Ruling Planet: Moon Nature: Deva (god-like) Primary Motivation: Artha (material prosperity) Animal Symbol: Female Monkey Direction: North Deities: Vishnu, Sarawati Shravana on the Ascendant: Religious nature, scholarly work, excellent character, well known, may live away from birthplace, charitable, kind nature, few children Famous People […]

Dhiraj     -

Uttara Ashadha at a Glance

                Range: 26′ 40′ Sagittarius – 10′ 00′ Capricorn Symbol: Elephant’s tusk, the planks of a bed Ruling Planet: Sun Nature: Manushya (human) Primary Motivation: Moksha (spiritual inspiration) Animal Symbol: Male mongoose Direction: South Deities: The ten Vishvadevas Uttara Ashadha on the Ascendant: Sincere and kind nature, honest, […]

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