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Dhiraj     -

Pushya at a Glance

Range: 3’ 20’ – 16’ 40’ Cancer Symbols: Flower, a circle, an arrow, the udder of a cow Ruling Planet: Saturn Nature: Deva (god-like) Primary Motivation: Dharma Animal Symbol: Male Sheep (ram) Direction: East Deity: Brihaspati, Lord of sacred speech Pushya on the Ascendant: Humanitarian, thoughtful nature, stubborn, bold, eloquent in speech, religious, intuitive knowledge, independent […]

Dhiraj     -

Punarvasu at a Glance

Range : 20°00′ Gemini – 3°20′ Cancer Symbol : Bow and Quiver Of Arrows Ruling Planet : Jupiter Nature : Deva (God – Like) Primary Motivation : Artha (Material Prosperity) Animal Symbol : Female Cat Direction : North Deity : Aditi , Mother Of Demigods Punarvasu on the Ascendant : Success in business , need […]

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The 9 Birth Day

People born on the 9th , 18th or 27th These people are also called the “people person” . The world looks to them for advice – strangers ask them directions . They are very helpful people , everyone knows that they will help . People feel confident to share even their inner most secret with […]

Dhiraj     -

The 8 Birth Day

People born on the 8th , 17th or 26th The world sees them as someone who desires quality of life . Most of them willing to work hard . They like nice things , can be well organised and would appear proud of the lovely family and home they have acquired . These people can […]

Dhiraj     -

The 7 Birth Day

People born on the 7th , 16th or 25th The 7 Birth Day is intellectual and looking for profound answers as to why we are here . Others may find them hard to know . These people tend not to give themselves any credit for they have accomplished something significant . They make bigger difference […]

Dhiraj     -

The 6 Birth Day

People born on the 6th , 15th or 24th These people are born nurturer , someone who craves love , friends and companionship . Their presence can be felt immediately as soon as they walk into the room . They have a dramatic energy . The world sees them as a solid personality , very […]

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