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Purva Ashadha at a Glance

Range: 13’ 20’ – 26’ 40’ Sagittarius Symbols: Fan, Winnowing Basket Ruling Planet: Venus Nature: Manushya (human) Primary Motivation: Moksha (spiritual liberation) Animal Symbol: Male Monkey Direction: East Deity: Apas, the water God, Varuna, the God of Rain Purva Ashadha on the Ascendant: Proud nature, positions of high respect, faithful to their mate, good marriage, humble, many […]

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Mula at a Glance

Range: 00′ 00′ – 13′ 20′ Sagittarius Symbol: Tied bunch of roots, the tail of the lion Ruling Planet: Ketu, the South Node of the Moon Nature: Rakshasa (demon) Primary Motivation: Kama (desire) Animal Symbol: Male Dog Direction: North Deity: Nirriti, the goddess of dissolution Mula on the Ascendant: Ambitious and independent, attractive, learned, philosophical, […]

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Jyeshtha at a Glance

Range: 16′ 40 – 40′ 00′ Scorpio Symbol: Earring umbrella Ruling Planet: Mercury Nature: Rakshasa (demon) Primary Motivation: Artha (material prosperity) Animal Symbol: Male Deer or Hare Direction: West Deity: Indra, the King of Gods Jyeshtha on the Ascendant: Honored, intent on their dharma, writing skill, smooth and respected, loose morals and much passion, many […]

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Anuradha at a Glance

Range: 3’ 20’ – 16’ 40 Scorpio Symbol: Lotus, Archway Ruling Planet: Saturn Nature: Deva (god-like) Primary Motivation: Dharma (right activity) Animal Symbol: Female Deer or Hare Direction: South Deities: Mitra; Radha, devotee of Krishna Anuradha on the Ascendant: Attractive, passionate, a wanderer, psychic, devoted to spiritual pursuits, secretive nature, moody, need to watch diet, promiscuous, fond of […]

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Vishakha at a Glance

Range: 20’ 00’ Libra – 3’ 20’ Scorpio Symbols: Archway, potter’s wheel Ruling Planet: Jupiter Nature: Rakshasa (demon) Primary Motivation: Dharma (right activity) Animal Symbol: Male Tiger Direction: East Deities:  Indra, Agni Vishakha on the Ascendant: Aggressive, impatient, easily angered, wise, devoted to forms of worship, wealthy, politically inclined, astrological knowledge, mystical Famous People born in […]

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Swati at a Glance

Range: 6’ 40’ – 20’ 00’ Libra Symbol: Coral Ruling Planet: Rahu Nature: Deva (god-like) Primary Motivation: Artha (material prosperity) Animal Symbol: Male Buffalo Direction: North Deity: Vayu, the demigod of wind, Saraswati Swati on the Ascendant: Kind, happy, humorous, dresses simply, religious, interest in psychology, medicine, political nature, lives away from birth place Famous People […]

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