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Dhiraj     -

Chitra at a Glance

Range: 23’ 20 Virgo – 6’ 40’ Libra Symbol: Pearl or bright jewel Ruling Planet: Mars Nature: Rakshasa (demon) Primary Motivation: Kama (desire) Animal Symbol: Female Tiger Direction: West Deity: Tvashtar, the celestial architect Chitra on the Ascendant: Strong ego, engaged in variety of pursuits, wealthy, leaves away from birthplace, wears colourful clothes, jewellery, expressive nature, […]

Dhiraj     -

Hasta at a Glance

Range:  10’ 00’ – 23’ 20’ Virgo Symbol:  Palm of the hand Ruling Planet:  Moon Nature:  Deva (god-like) Primary Motivation: Moksha Animal Symbol: Female Buffalo Direction: South Deity: Savitar, the sun God Hasta on the Ascendant: Likeable, sociable, entertaining, attractive, sensitive, artistic, respected, eloquent in speech, fond of travel, thievish mind, humanitarian, serves the public […]

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Uttara Phalguni at a Glance

Range: 26′ 40′ Leo – 10′ 00′ Virgo Symbol: Bed or legs of cot Ruling Planet: Sun Nature: Manushya (human) Primary Motivation: Moksha (spiritual liberation) Animal Symbol: Male cow (Bull) Direction: East Deity: Aryama, god of Patronage, Son of Aditi Uttara Phalguni on the Ascendant: Attractive, wealthy, several mates, generous, proud, sensual nature, beautiful, intelligent, […]

Dhiraj     -

Purva Phalguni At a Glance

Range:  13′ 20′ – 26″ 40′ Leo Symbols: Swinging hammock, couch, two front legs of a bed Ruling Planet: Venus Nature: Manushya Primary Motivation: Kama (desire) Animal Symbol: Female Rat Direction: North Deity: Bhaga, the God of Good Fortune; Shiva Lingam Purva Phalguni on the Ascendant: Gifts in music, dance, drama, attractive, sensual nature, charismatic, […]

Dhiraj     -

Magha at a Glance

Range: 0′ 00′ – 13′ 20′ Leo Symbol: Palanquin Ruling Planet: Ketu Nature: Rakshasa (demon) Primary Motivation:  Artha (Material Prosperity) Animal Symbol: Male Rat Direction: West Deity: Pitris, Protectors of humanity Magha on the Ascendant: Devoted to God and forefathers, wealthy, has savants, receives praise, respected, susceptible to allurements of sex, deep-rooted dislike for certain […]

Dhiraj     -

Ashlesha at a Glance

Range: 16′ 40′ – 30′ 00′ Cancer Symbols: Coiled Serpent Ruling Planet: Mercury Nature: Rakshasa (demon) Primary Motivation: Dharma Animal Symbol: Male Cat Direction: South Deity: Naga, the serpent King Ashlesha on the Ascendant: Sensual, seductive nature, cruel, ungrateful, need to develop tact, few children, needs alone time, capable of much exertion, services oriented, issues […]

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