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Revati at a Glance

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Revati at a Glance










Range: 16′ 40′ – 30′ 00′ Pisces
Symbol: A drum, a fish
Ruling Planet: Mercury
Nature: Deva (gold-like)
Primary Motivation: Moksha (spiritual liberation)
Animal Symbol: Female Elephant
Direction: East
Deity: Pushan, the nurturer

Revati on the Ascendant: Valiant, rich, proud, leadership skills, responsible nature, attractive, strong and clean body, sociable, many friends, a good host, good longevity, love of travel

Famous People born in Revati Ascendant: Mikhail Gorbachev, Dwight Eisenhower, Lee Iacocca, Bette Midler, Pete Rose, F. Lee Bailey

Moon in Revati Ascendant: Independent, ambitious, well-liked, wealthy, interests in ancient cultures, much wisdom, Interest in religion and mysticism, love of pets and animals, courageous, beautiful, magnetic, clean, well-formed body, good marriage karma, success in foreign lands

Famous People born with Moon in Revati Ascendant: Marlon Brando, James Taylor, Rabindranath Tagore, Joe Pesci, Jim Jones, Rodney King, Whitney Houston

Sun in Revati Ascendant: Artistic nature, sensitive, psychic, humorous, unusual fame, interest in political science, law, philosophical nature, charitable, Love of travel, desire changed troubles with drugs, unpredictable at times

Famous People born with Sun in Revati Ascendant: Celine Dion, David Letterman, Jerry Browne, Al Gore, Ram Dass, Betty Ford, Hugh Hefner, Eddie Murphy, Robert Downey, Jr. Marlon Brando

Revati Career Interests: Film actors, comedians, politicians, humanitarian projects, charitable work, Urban planners, government positions, Psychics, mystical or religious work, Journalists, editors, publishers, Travel agents, flight attendants

Health Issues: Ankle and feet problems, childhood illnesses, insomnia, nightmares, sensitive nervous system, stomach problems


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