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Shatabhisha at a Glance

Shatabhisha at a glance
Dhiraj      -

Shatabhisha at a Glance

Shatabhisha at a glance

Range: 6’40 – 20’00’ Aquarius
Symbols: An empty circle, a hundred physians, stars, or flowers
Ruling Planet: Rahu
Nature: Rakshasa (demon)
Primary Motivation: Dharma (right Activity)
Animal Symbol: Female horse
Direction: South
Deity: Varuna, god of the waters

Shatabhisha on the Ascendant: Interest in mysticism and astrology Service oriented, quiet, honest Philosophical nature, Political interests, Travel for educational purposes, intelligent, Trouble with alcohol, deception

Famous People born in Shatabhisha Ascendant: B.V. Raman, Jason Alexander, Walter Mondale, Donald Bradley, Vincent price, Whitney Houston

Moon in Shatabhisha: Truthful, principled, charitable, writing skill, excellent memory, Interest in astrology, psychology Daring, adamant, bold nature, Defeats enemies, opinionated Independent, artistic nature

Famous People born with Moon in Shatabhisha: Paul Newman, Michelangelo, Goethe, Ronnie Gale Dreyer, Robin Williams, Elvis Presley, J.Edgar Hoover, Paul Klee

Sun in Shatabhisha: Good intelligence, creative genius, Hardworking, humanitarian concern, Writing ability, philosophical nature, Needs external encouragement, sickly

Famous People born with Sun in Shatabhisha: Rudolph Steiner, Sidney Poitier, Mikhail Gorbachev, George Harrison, Ted Kennedy

Shatabhisha Career Interests: Astrologers, Astronomers, Physicians, Healers, Writers, Research work, Clerical work, secretaries, Engineers, Electricians, Organizational development

Health Issues: Arthritis, Rheumatism, Heart trouble, Hypertension, Calves and ankles, Jaw Problems, TMJ, Bone Fractures


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