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Shravana at a Glance

Shravana at a Glance
Dhiraj      -

Shravana at a Glance

Shravana at a Glance

Range: 10’ 00’ – 23’ 20’Capricorn
Symbols: An ear, three footprints
Ruling Planet: Moon
Nature: Deva (god-like)
Primary Motivation: Artha (material prosperity)
Animal Symbol: Female Monkey
Direction: North
Deities: Vishnu, Sarawati

Shravana on the Ascendant: Religious nature, scholarly work, excellent character, well known, may live away from birthplace, charitable, kind nature, few children

Famous People born in Shravana Ascendant: C. G. Jung, Edward, Duke of Windsor, Evel Knievel, Bob Fosse, Roseanne

Moon in Shravana: Intelligent, good speech, fame, wealthy, creative genius, art interests, charitable, a good host, principled, political interests, overly zealous, generous marital partner, religious, perfectionist, eats good food

Famous people born with Moon in Shravana: David Frawley, Henry Ford, George Lucas, Muhammad Ali, David Duke, Charles Manson, Bruce Willis, Jessica Lange

Sun in Shravana: Practical, pragmatic nature, successful, difficulties with superiors, rebellious, gifts in the communication field, strong constitution, good health

Famous people born with Sun in Shravana: Paul Newman, Alan Alda, James Dean, Mozart, Oprah Winfrey, Oral Roberts, Wayne Gretzky

Shravana Career Interest: Teachers, speech therapists, linguists, astrologers, religious scholars, politicians, business skill, geologists, researchers, travel

Health Issues: Hearing problems, ears, skin sensitivities, reproductive organs, knees, rheumatism


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