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Uttara Ashadha at a Glance

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Uttara Ashadha at a Glance

Uttara Ashadha at a Glance









Range: 26′ 40′ Sagittarius – 10′ 00′ Capricorn
Symbol: Elephant’s tusk, the planks of a bed
Ruling Planet: Sun
Nature: Manushya (human)
Primary Motivation: Moksha (spiritual inspiration)
Animal Symbol: Male mongoose
Direction: South
Deities: The ten Vishvadevas

Uttara Ashadha on the Ascendant: Sincere and kind nature, honest, sharp intellect, reads intensely, food of fun, wanderer with many mates, good public servant and counsellor, may become famous later in life

Famous people born in Uttara Ashadha Ascendant: Robin, Henry Winkler, Stephen Sondheim, Tennessee Williams, Jane Fonda, Kirk Douglas, Billie Holiday

Moon in Uttara Ashadha: Virtuous, intelligent, charitable, well liked, many friends, charming, graceful, refined, pure hearted, grateful, leadership, military prowess, more success after 35, trouble with early marriage

Famous people born with Moon in Uttara Ashadha: Abraham Lincoln, Cary Grant, Robert Kennedy, Deepak Chopra, Cat Stevens, Billy Holliday, Napoleon, Augustus Caesar, Stan Grof, John Lennon

Sun in Uttara Ashadha: Humanitarian, spiritual nature, desire to change societal values, research oriented, learned, philosophical nature, deep thinker, well known, controversial, fighter for a cause, strong speech

Famous people born with Sun in Uttara Ashadha: Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Howard Stern, Ellen De Generes, Albert Schweitzer, G. I. Gurdjieff, David Bowie, Kevin Costner, Muhammad Ali, George Foreman

Uttara Ashadha Career Interests: Pioneers, researchers, scientists, military works, hunters, boxers or fighters for a cause, government jobs, social work

Health Issues: Stomach problems, waist, thighs and hips, eczema, skin dryness, arthritis, bone problems



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